Anne Mahon — Sharing Stories of Hope, Resilience, and Extraordinary Courage


Anne lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with her husband and their children. From her website: “Anne is an oral history writer interested in people, their stories and making meaningful connections. She wrote her first book The Lucky Ones (winner of the Winnipeg Public Library's On The Same Page Book Award) because of her interest in refugees’ personal stories. Anne is excited that this book has enabled her to create a philanthropic component to her volunteering. Her second book Redemption: Stories of Hope, Resilience and Life After Gangs was published by Great Plains Publications in October 2017. All author proceeds from this book are being donated to gang member rehabilitation and mentorship through GAIN (Gang Action Interagency Network).

Anne has been a committed volunteer for 30 years. She began working with the refugee community in 2007 at IRCOM where she spent nine years assisting newcomers learning English. Anne is a founding board member of Humankind International a group of Somali-Canadians and their Canadian friends who built an early years school in the Dadaab Refugee camp in Kenya in 2014. Anne co-facilitates the Book Mates Bookclub at the Women's Correction Centre that she and a friend co-founded. Anne is also involved with Unicef Canada's 25th Team and The Family Resource Centre Initiative at The United Way of Winnipeg.” 

Yes—Anne is a bit of a badass. She is a kind soul that has committed the majority of her life to loving and serving others! Buckle up for the ride—this is a great conversation!

Follow Anne on Twitter. If you enjoyed our conversation or have a question for her, hit her up! I know she’d love to hear from you. Also, check out her website if you’d like to read more about her fascinating books. If you want to read her books (and you should because they’re fantastic!), go ask your local bookstore to order them OR you can visit her website, send her a note on the contact page, and, as she stated at the end of our chat, there may be some that she can send you if you cover shipping. Do it!

Have an amazing week, friends! Please let me know how I can serve you better. I mean it. Love y’all!

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