Audrey Assad — There Is No Such Thing As Being Behind—You're Right On Time

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Audrey Assad is on the podcast today! She is not only a friend—she’s also a favorite artist of mine. Our whole family loves her, in fact. If you know me well, you know that I don’t listen to much music outside of classical music, broadway tunes, and some operas. I just don’t like all that much in pop music. Not into rock all that much. No oldies. But there are a few exceptions and Audrey is one of them. Most of her music is spiritual and Christian in nature and it has helped us so much over the last few years as we continue out spiritual journey. Listen to her today on Spotify!

I’ve just described Audrey the artist to you but we don’t actually talk that much about her music all that much in this conversation. We do talk about her Syrian father and his family migrating to the states, we talk about her faith, we talk about pornography, we talk about refugees and immigrants, and a whole lot more. I truly enjoyed my hour with her and I hope you will, too. 

During our chat, I mentioned a song she wrote as a “prayer for all the mamas who have had their children separated from them at the borders of our country. A mother's love is fierce, enduring, and never gives up.” 

If you are in/around Middle Tennessee and want to see Audrey perform live AND you want to help a great organization that I love at the same time, then plan on attending this event on on March 8, 2019.

Follow Audrey on TwitterFacebook, and InstagramShe just launched a Patreon so consider supporting her there!

Lastly, go listen to her music! Some of my favorite songs are I Shall Not Want, Even Unto Death, Good To Me, and so many more!

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