Brit Gilmore — We Must Create Space To Figure Out What We’re Made For


On this episode, I have a conversation with my friend Brit Gilmore, President of The Giving Keys. My chat with Brit was so much fun. I could have talked with her for hours! I loved hearing about her upbringing, about her family, and about how life led her down the path of using the fashion industry as a means of helping to end homelessness in Los Angeles. Brit was recently recognized as one of top social entrepreneurs under 30 by Forbes. Her story is filled with so much hope. I know you’re going to love her and I know you’re going to give more damns after hearing our conversation. There’s a 100% money back guarantee on this commitment! :)

To learn more about The Giving Keys and to find ways to support their work, visit their website. Watch this video that explains their core values. Also, watch this TED talk by their founder, Caitlin Crosby.

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