Diana Oestreich — Show Up Scared & Love Anyway

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This past weekend, my family and I attended a vigil in Nashville to mourn the loss of the 50 men, women, and children who died in their place of worship in New Zealand. Muslims, Jews, and Christians gathered together to comfort our Muslim brothers and sisters and also to re-commit to pursuing a peace-filled world together. It was beautiful. 

There was a local muslim leader that led parts of the vigil. Towards the end, she shared some ideas for how non-muslims can help dispel the widespread fears surrounding Muslims and Islam—otherwise known as Islamophobia. I found her ideas helpful and I was glad to know that I was already doing some of them. And I look forward to finding ways to implement the others. Here are two of her ideas:

  • Meet a Muslim. It’s important to get to know about Islam from a Muslim. If you don’t know any Muslims living around you (I guarantee most of you do), google your local mosque. I’ve been to a few mosques and I’ve always been welcomed with open arms. And I know they’d be happy to meet you and to help you learn more about Islam. 

  • Partake in local activities led by Muslims. Muslims are very active in the community so I’m sure there will be many ways for you to get involved. 

Let me know if you end up taking this advice seriously. I’d really love to know about budding relationships and partnerships happening amongst the Let’s Give A Damn family as a result fo this tragedy.

My guest today is Diana Oestreich. My goodness, Diana, is amazing! She is a war veteran, a sexual assault nurse examiner, a justice advocate, a recovering racist, AND the Key Relationships Officer at Preemptive Love Coalition. Preemptive Love’s work stretches across Iraq, Syria, the United States, and beyond. They work together to unmake violence and create the more beautiful world their hearts know is possible. They literally go where no one else will go. They’re amazing. 

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