Jamie Tworkowski — Figure Out What Breaks Your Heart and Start There

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In this episode, I have a conversation with my new friend Jamie Tworkowski, Founder of To Write Love On Her Arms. Jamie grew up surfing and began his career at Hurley. He never imagined his life would turn into what it has. In 2006, everything changed by him helping one person in need. Over a decade later, TWLOHA has grown into an organization that has helped millions of people find hope during difficult times in life. Jamie has been interviewed by NBC Nightly News, CBS Sunday Morning and Rolling Stone magazine. He has also been able to share his story of hope with people all around the world.

Jamie is one of the easiest people I’ve ever talked to — I mean that! His kind and gentle spirit came through the computer speakers as I interviewed him and I came away feeling loved and cared for by him. He’s an incredible person! I can’t wait for you to hear him talk about his life, how his career went from selling clothes at Hurley to helming millions struggling with addiction, self-harm, and suicide. His story is filled with hope and I know you’re going to love him.

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