Kenny Stubblefield — The Journey from Victim to Survivor to Advocate


The #MeToo movement has given millions of people the courage and a voice to come out and share their own stories of sexual abuse. We’ve seen many powerful men be taken down by this movement. We’ve also witnessed the rise of the #ChurchToo movement—people using up to rightly state that there should be zero tolerance of any kind of sexual abuse within the Church. When Kenny was a teenager, he experienced sexual abuse at the hands of a leader in his church—someone he trusted. He never fully shared his story or allowed himself to heal from the trauma and devastation this abuse brought into his life. During our chat, we talk (trigger warning: we talk in graphic detail several times during our chat) about his story, we talk about his path from to survivor to advocate, he shares practical wisdom from his life and experiences, and he gives us a sneak peek into a documentary he is working on that will shed light on abuse within the Church and will give victims a platform from which they can share their story. 

I want to reiterate—we do describe sexual abuse in graphic detail so please proceed with caution. I believe we needed to share the entire story but also wanted to give a fair warning to those that, understandably so, may not be able to handle it.

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If you have harmed yourself, want to harm yourself, or are severely depressed or anxious because of something that has happened to you, please contact one of two organizations that we have previously featured on this podcast:

My buddy Jamie Sivrais started A Voice For The Innocent. They provide support for victims of rape and sexual abuse. 

Another past podcast guest, Jamie Tworksowski, started To Write Love On Her Arms. They present hope and help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.

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