Lew Blaustein — The Greatest Opportunity Facing Humanity

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A few months ago, I sat down in a swanky NYC hotel lobby for a cup of coffee with my guest today. We talked for an hour or two and I knew I had to have him on my podcast. Lew Blaustein is a wonderful human with a heart of gold. If you are a sports fan, however, you’re going to want to listen closely to out conversation. 

Lew spent most of his career doing all things sports—brand management, advertising, marketing, sponsorship sales, and the like. But 17 years ago on 9/11/01, everything changed for Lew. He is now a sustainability evangelist that spends all of his time consulting with many companies and leaders at the intersection of environmentalism and sports. Our world is a better place because of Lew and the work he does. 

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