Nickolas Gaines — If You Don’t Pour Into Yourself, You’ll Have Nothing To Pour Out To Others


In this episode, I chat with my friend, Nickolas Gaines. Nick currently serves as the Suicide Prevention Program Manager for the Department of Defense which entails training, teaching, and caring for 11,000 Soldiers across 26 states. Before his current role, he served as an Army officer and chaplain. In that role, he helped soldiers process major events in their lives and he also helped them in their relationship with God, with themselves, and with others.    From his website: "Nickolas wants to amplify the power, might, and resilience of marginalized communities, particularly communities of color. While he believes in the strength of the human spirit, Nickolas recognizes people of color work to love themselves, their families, and be their best and highest selves in a world that constantly seeks to demean and belittle their unique expressions of culture, love, and joy.”

To learn more about Nickolas Gaines, check out his website and you can also find him on Twitter and Facebook

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