Nicole Devereaux — Even When Life Isn't Going Well, Live Boldly

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This week on the podcast, meet Nicole Devereaux! Nicole is a Conversational Intelligence Coach® based in Minneapolis, MN. She helps leaders and teams have successful conversations so that they can make more of what's awesome.

 I wanted to have Nicole on the podcast because during a dark period of her life a few months ago, she decided to do something really bold. During a time when most people would have given up or spent most of their time thinking about themselves, she decided to think about others. 

Nicole is raising $40k in the 40 weeks leading up to her 40th birthday! She's inviting you to join her in this quest to do the unimaginable. And guess what? She's on track to hit her goal! In the next 12 weeks, she needs to raise $13k. Will you help her reach her goal?

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