Peter Shankman — ADHD is a Blessing Not a Curse


A few weeks ago, I sat down with Peter Shankman in his Midtown Manhattan office on a rainy day in NYC. Peter and I originally interacted on Twitter when he posted, “How can I help you today?” I ask that question often and love it when others do, too! I went on his website and, sure enough, the first thing I see a banner that reads, “How can I help you today?” I love this! And he truly means it.

We talk about everything from the NYC Public School system, to growing up in NYC, to his work, to how he won’t stay overnight in Vegas. We spent a chunk of time talking about why he is on a mission to help people with ADHD see it as a gift and not a curse. 

If this conversation seems different from most of the other stories we highlight on the podcast, you’re right! I always want to push the boundaries and highlight all different types of giving a damn. 

If you want to learn more about Peter, visit his website and follow him on Twitter.

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Much love to you and yours! Can’t wait to share more stories with y’all next week.

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