Steven Elliott — Advocating For The Wounded So That Broken Places Can Be Made Whole


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This week’s show is pretty remarkable. My guest is Steven Elliott. Steven was one of two men most likely responsible for the death of Pat Tillman—the NFL player that enlisted as an Army Ranger as a result of the 9/11 attacks in NYC. During our chat, we talk about the story of how he ended up as a Ranger and all that happened while he was deployed. We also chat a bit about veteran care, caring for those actively serving, PTSD, America's current global military footprint and whether or not we are being helpful, his faith, and so much more. 

Please visit The Elliot Fund for articles, books, videos, and other resources you can use to become an advocate for those serving in our military. And buy Steven’s forthcoming War Story: A Memoir book on or before May 21. Or preorder it from your local library. 

Lastly, Steven mentioned a restaurant during our conversation. We wanted to make sure to give them a shout-out here in the shownotes. If you’re ever in Nashville, make sure to visit Monell’s in Germantown! Their website says “Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends” and we absolutely love that!

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