“A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.” —Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, on Mastermind groups

What is a Mastermind group? Well, let me start by telling you what it is not. It is not a class. It is not a networking group. It is not a coaching session. It is, however, an opportunity for me to bring together small groups of brilliant minds so that we can push each other, challenge each other, and hold each other accountable as we start businesses, as we lead teams, and as we give a damn about the world around us.

I put like-minded people together in these groups. In other words, I will put non-profit leaders with other non-profit leaders. I will put business-minded leaders with other business-minded leaders. If you decide to join, I would ask that you consider staying with us at least six months. It takes time for everyone to grow close together and learn to trust each other.  The success of the group depends greatly on the the level of depth we are able to get to during our times together. 


$175/month if you pay six-months ahead of time or $200/month if you pay month-to-month. 


  • 75-minute meetings twice per month
  • I facilitate the meetings, communicate in between meetings, and record/archive meetings so you can view them at your leisure
  • Private Slack channel to communicate with your Mastermind in between meetings
  • You'll be surrounded by driven and talented leaders pushing you toward excellence & greatness! 
  • Invitation to a yearly retreat where we'll go deep for 2-3 days together in a fantastic location 

Interested? Send me a message and I'll answer any questions you may have, I'll ask you a few questions to make sure it's a good fit, and I'll get you signed up for a Mastermind starting in Autumn 2017. 

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