"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. —Martin Luther King, Jr.

I know it can be difficult to find the right speaker for your event. I'll try to be brief and make it easier for you to decide if we should partner together. My mission is to help you give a damn and live a more meaningful life. Why? Because life is short and there is too much at stake.

Here are a few of my most requested topics:

  • The Power of Less

  • Give More Damns Than Ever Before

  • First In, Last Out, Laughing Loudest


"Nick is a powerful speaker and storyteller. Having him speak at CreativeMornings Nashville was a highlight for our event. Nick’s ability to connect and inspire is grounded in his kindness and respect for the audience's attention. From start to finish, there’s no doubt that Nick gives a damn about where he is in the moment and he encourages his audience to find the same passion and drive for their journey."
—Alicia W. Binkley / CreativeMornings Host & Entrepreneur

"Nick has an incredible talent for connecting with his audience. His passion reaches out, grabs you, and pulls you in. The next thing you know, you’re engaged and you’re putting key principles and habits to work in your own life.” 
Dave Jaworski / Author, Speaker, & Entrepreneur

“I chose Nick to open up our second season of Nashville’s Very Own for one simple reason—I knew he would bring it. Nick’s knowledge on multiple subjects accompanied with his relentless passion to add value to people make him an incredible package for speaking events. He set the bar for our season and this won’t be the last time I have him!” — Stephen Delahoussaye / Nashville’s Very Own

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