"Nick is an extraordinary strategist, creator, & communicator. He has unique skills that help bring ideas to life." 
Jeremy Cowart, Entrepreneur & Award-winning Photographer

“Nick is an excellent connector and networker. What he brings—as it relates to people—is incredible. It’s almost like he knows everyone. I think we can all learn something important from Nick about how to network. One of the hardest tricks to master and maybe one of the most important is communication and networking. Nick has this down!” 
—Spencer Combs / CEO of Inly & Wedable

“I’ve never met someone with Nick’s combination of talent, creativity, and drive. He possesses the gift for not only dreaming up big ideas, but he also knows how to bring them to life. Additionally, he has wild, infectious charisma about him—a style and a spirit that is his strongest asset.”
—Matthew Paul Turner / Best-selling Author & Speaker

"Nick is a strong critical thinker who is able to look at a situation, process or organization and quickly see trouble spots and areas of concern that need attention or change. If you're looking for someone to help improve your leadership or organization, Nick's capacity to identify what's wrong and offer viable solutions will serve you well."
—Jeff Vanderstelt, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur




What's the difference between coaching and consulting? My coaching is typically a one-on-one situation where I'll focus more on your personal needs and goals. My consulting, on the other hand, is typically done in a group/team setting where I'll focus on technical and strategic issues related to the goals and vision of an organization. I've worked with many non-profits, small business owners, public figures, and event teams all over the country. I'd love to help you! Let's chat. 



I lead Mastermind groups comprised of ambitious leaders from the non-profit and the for-profit worlds. These are paid groups of no more than 5 people at a time that meet twice a month for a minimum of 6 months. If you're interested in joining a group or want to know more about what a Mastermind group is and does, click the button below.



I have a podcast called Let's Give A Damn. It's my chance to talk with people who are doing extraordinary things because they saw something wrong that needed to be made right and they gave a damn about it. My #1 goal is to help people—as a result of hearing these conversations—have their own "give a damn" moment. Join us! It's going to be a fun journey. 



I help people figure out how to let go of fear, fail forward, be courageous, and grow into who they are meant to be.  I speak out of the overflow of mission in life—to help you give a damn, embrace radical generosity, and live a truly meaningful life. I'd love to speak at your next conference, facilitate your next workshop, or spend the day teaching and equipping your team.