Highlight Reel — Bucky Buchstaber, Rainn Wilson, Brit Gilmore, Timothy Sykes, Nickolas Gaines, & Golriz Lucina


This week, I share six of my favorite moments so far on the podcast. These are, of course, not the only favorite moments I have had. Not even close! I have loved each conversation with the incredible people with whom I’ve been able to chat. These moments, however, stuck out in my mind and I wanted to share them with you. I hope you learn from them and are inpsired to take action and give a damn TODAY! For reference, the clips I share from my conversations with Bucky BuchstaberRainn WilsonBrit GilmoreTimothy SykesNickolas Gaines, and Golriz Lucina. Each person represents a different way that they’re changing the world but they all have one thing in common—they give a damn and have chosen to not be silent about things that matter.  I hope you are encouraged and challenged by the moments I’ve pulled together for you!

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Much love to you and yours! Can’t wait to share more stories with y’all next week!

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